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24 hour emergency response centre: 0845 2608 999

Telephone UK: 08454 608 911 | International: +44 (0)1329 226 150

Ramora UK launches first of its kind solution for TEPs

Ramora UK has launched a cost effective, compliant solution, allowing easy disposal of Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs) under their Explosive Safety Scheme (ESS).The company, a global leader in bomb disposalservices, are proud tooffer all the required training and equipment to become a licensed TEPdrop offpoint, for a fixed monthly retainer.

This will allow many commercial and recreational boaters easy access to facilities where they can legally dispose of their expired flares or other distress-signal pyrotechnics. Currently, there is no consolidated solution in place for this, with only a few police stations and MCA approved stores accepting limited amounts, making Ramora UK’s solution the first of its kind.

Following the release of the Marine Guidance Note -419 (M&F)(disposal of out of date pyrotechnics)in 2010, it is an offence to fire distress-signal pyrotechnics on land, in harbour or at sea for either testing purposes, practice, fireworks (whether the pyrotechnics are out of date or not), dump pyrotechnics at sea, place them in the rubbish or abandon them.

David Welch Ramora UK’s Managing Director commented: “We are proud to be at the forefront of pyrotechnic disposal. This solution is the first of its kind and will allow for a number of sites nationwideto be set up with everything they need for the collection of TEPs, providing many boaters with the means to dispose of their out of date marine flares and other pyrotechnics. Thanks to our patented system and latest technology, once sites are approaching capacitywe willbe alerted andone ofour teamswill be deployedto site for collection and disposal of the items. It couldn’t be simpler.”Sites that wish to benefit from this new solution will receive all the essential equipment, licensing and training necessary for it to become a certified and compliant TEP disposal point. Once set up, it is estimated that each site will need to be emptied by a Ramora UK collection team every six to ten weeks.

The aim of this solution is to provide a network of compliant and licensed collection point across the UK to help reduce the illegal dumping and need to travel long distances with out of date explosives.As an established leader in bomb disposal, Ramora UK prides itself on safety. The company owns the patent for both transportation boxes and storage units for use with any time expired marine pyrotechnic, such as flares or other distress-signal pyrotechnics. These units have been tested and approved under stringent UN6C testing regimes with many already in service across the UK

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The office team is proud to support the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis by donating delegate bags to be used as wash bags for their scrubs.

Everyone at the Institute applauds all NHS workers, carers & key workers for thier unbelievable work & commitment.

Thank you 👏

Home working for the majority of our team is now well established. The requisite daily Zoom challenge has been embraced fully as can be seen by the 'be your own Superhero' and 'Do something different with your hair' results..... #workingfromhome #IsolationLife


Day one of our 12 monthly EOD licensing Exercise (Ex Southern Shield 1-20). Lots of learning and valuable experience for the team. #CPD #eodskills

Accreditations and Partners

strategic training partnership with Professional Diving Academy

Commercial divers will be trained to detect unexploded bombs in a new partnership between leading explosives disposal experts Ramora UK and the Professional Diving Academy, Dunoon. The partnership means the Professional Diving Academy is fully accredited by Ramora UK to enhance its existing commercial diver training courses with a bolt-on module in unexplodedordnance (UXO) surveying, detection and identification.


The possibility of the presence of unexploded ordnance is a very real threat during the construction phase on many offshore windfarm projects in North West Europe,and that threat has to be managed.As well as vessel based-magnetometer and high frequency side-scan sonar surveys, commercial divers and ROV’s are also required to identify suspicious items on or around production platformsor turbine locations and cable routesduringthepre-construction phase. Major operators such as e.onhave stipulated that divers who wish to participate in this area of work must first have undergone a suitable training course. The course will focus on awareness and identification of unexploded itemsand will includethe use of diver-operated magnetometers.

The Aquascan DX 300 Magnetometerhas been chosen for this purpose, as it is arguably the mostcommonlyusedin thisfield. The DX300isa highly-sensitive detection tool which can pinpoint the location of suspect items underwater, even when buried.The course content draws on Ramora UK’s world-renowned expertise in explosives detection and disposal. The PDA, which has a global reputation for delivering high-quality, internationally recognised training for divers,will offer this course as a bolt-onwithin its Premier Career Package,or alternatively as a two-day standalone course for divers who wish to expandtheir skills. David Welch, Managing Director at Ramora UK, said: “We are delighted to be entering into this strategic partnership with the Professional Diving Academy.“As leaders in our respective fields we see this as a perfect fit, combining Ramora UK’s expertise in explosive ordnance disposal with the PDA’s leadership in diver training.Neil MacMillan, Training Manager at the Professional Diving Academy,said: “For commercial divers, this is an area that has not been covered in great detail by traditional training coursesand thispartnership ensures that divers trained by us can now be given properawareness in UXO surveying, detectionand identification.“It also cements the Professional Diving Academy’s reputation as a worldwide leaderin recognising the current trendsof the diving industry and delivering the requiredtraining courses that enabledivers to achievecompetence in their field of operations.”

Ramora UK, based in Hampshire, operates a round-the-clock emergency helpline with immediate response to incidents by specialist Bomb Disposal teams.The company’s highly-experienced ex-military experts also offerexplosives-relatedtraining services to governments, corporations, military and law enforcement agencies around the world.The Professional Diving Academy is based in Dunoon, Scotland and delivers HSE accredited (IMCA recognised) offshore commercial diver training.

latest member of Ramora UK’s National Explosive Safety Scheme

Kendall Bros(Portsmouth) Ltd, a UK based aggregate business, are the latest company to join the National Explosive Safety Scheme (NESS). The schemeestablishedby leading Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) company Ramora UK,provides members guaranteed levels of support and response to any explosive related incident.

Through NESS, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd have access to Ramora UK’s 24/7 Emergency Response Helplinealong with EOD response to discoveries of munitions within marine aggregates landed at their Portsmouth wharf.

Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltdoperatesmarine aggregate wharfs at a number of sites along the south coast and have experienced numerous incidents where UXO has been discovered. Historically these incidents have been dealt with by Police and Military EOD teams but response is now entirely handled by the Ramora UK EOD response teams without the need to evacuate the site or deploy Police resources.As a long standing clientofRamora UK, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd recognise the importance of improving safety for both personnel and assets by reducing the risks posed by UXO.

The NESS scheme provides reactive services, 24/7 support and guidance on procedures and best practice, whichcan be aligned withindustry best practice to complement existing protocols.David Welch FCMI, MIExpE, MIABTI,Ramora UK’s Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to continue our work with Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd and for them to become a member of NESS. Through NESS Ramora UK are able to continually improve explosive awareness and provide companies like Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd with the necessary services to avoid commercial loss or disruption.” Richard Kendall, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd’s Managing Director, commented: “We have had a long relationship with Ramora UK and have always found them to be a professionally run and dependable organisation,providing us with a service which is second to none.”