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24 hour emergency response centre: 0845 2608 999

Telephone UK: 08454 608 911 | International: +44 (0)1329 226 150

latest member of Ramora UK’s National Explosive Safety Scheme

Kendall Bros(Portsmouth) Ltd, a UK based aggregate business, are the latest company to join the National Explosive Safety Scheme (NESS). The schemeestablishedby leading Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) company Ramora UK,provides members guaranteed levels of support and response to any explosive related incident.

Through NESS, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd have access to Ramora UK’s 24/7 Emergency Response Helplinealong with EOD response to discoveries of munitions within marine aggregates landed at their Portsmouth wharf.

Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltdoperatesmarine aggregate wharfs at a number of sites along the south coast and have experienced numerous incidents where UXO has been discovered. Historically these incidents have been dealt with by Police and Military EOD teams but response is now entirely handled by the Ramora UK EOD response teams without the need to evacuate the site or deploy Police resources.As a long standing clientofRamora UK, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd recognise the importance of improving safety for both personnel and assets by reducing the risks posed by UXO.

The NESS scheme provides reactive services, 24/7 support and guidance on procedures and best practice, whichcan be aligned withindustry best practice to complement existing protocols.David Welch FCMI, MIExpE, MIABTI,Ramora UK’s Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to continue our work with Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd and for them to become a member of NESS. Through NESS Ramora UK are able to continually improve explosive awareness and provide companies like Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd with the necessary services to avoid commercial loss or disruption.” Richard Kendall, Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd’s Managing Director, commented: “We have had a long relationship with Ramora UK and have always found them to be a professionally run and dependable organisation,providing us with a service which is second to none.”

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Our trusty Bremach is off for a body upgrade and new livery. Watch this space for updates and the big reveal in July.....


We are looking for EOD/IEDD instructors (SNCO EOD qual ex RAF, RLC or RE) for UK based projects. HR@ramorauk.com

Seeking EOD instructors (0801/8B1/DEOC) for short notice requirement in UK (South) hr@ramorauk.com

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