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Ramora UK launches first of its kind solution for TEPs

Ramora UK has launched a cost effective, compliant solution, allowing easy disposal of Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs) under their Explosive Safety Scheme (ESS).The company, a global leader in bomb disposalservices, are proud tooffer all the required training and equipment to become a licensed TEPdrop offpoint, for a fixed monthly retainer.

This will allow many commercial and recreational boaters easy access to facilities where they can legally dispose of their expired flares or other distress-signal pyrotechnics. Currently, there is no consolidated solution in place for this, with only a few police stations and MCA approved stores accepting limited amounts, making Ramora UK’s solution the first of its kind.

Following the release of the Marine Guidance Note -419 (M&F)(disposal of out of date pyrotechnics)in 2010, it is an offence to fire distress-signal pyrotechnics on land, in harbour or at sea for either testing purposes, practice, fireworks (whether the pyrotechnics are out of date or not), dump pyrotechnics at sea, place them in the rubbish or abandon them.

David Welch Ramora UK’s Managing Director commented: “We are proud to be at the forefront of pyrotechnic disposal. This solution is the first of its kind and will allow for a number of sites nationwideto be set up with everything they need for the collection of TEPs, providing many boaters with the means to dispose of their out of date marine flares and other pyrotechnics. Thanks to our patented system and latest technology, once sites are approaching capacitywe willbe alerted andone ofour teamswill be deployedto site for collection and disposal of the items. It couldn’t be simpler.”Sites that wish to benefit from this new solution will receive all the essential equipment, licensing and training necessary for it to become a certified and compliant TEP disposal point. Once set up, it is estimated that each site will need to be emptied by a Ramora UK collection team every six to ten weeks.

The aim of this solution is to provide a network of compliant and licensed collection point across the UK to help reduce the illegal dumping and need to travel long distances with out of date explosives.As an established leader in bomb disposal, Ramora UK prides itself on safety. The company owns the patent for both transportation boxes and storage units for use with any time expired marine pyrotechnic, such as flares or other distress-signal pyrotechnics. These units have been tested and approved under stringent UN6C testing regimes with many already in service across the UK

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