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24 hour emergency response centre: 0845 2608 999

Telephone UK: 08454 608 911 | International: +44 (0)1329 226 150

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The office team is proud to support the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis by donating delegate bags to be used as wash bags for their scrubs.

Everyone at the Institute applauds all NHS workers, carers & key workers for thier unbelievable work & commitment.

Thank you 👏

Home working for the majority of our team is now well established. The requisite daily Zoom challenge has been embraced fully as can be seen by the 'be your own Superhero' and 'Do something different with your hair' results..... #workingfromhome #IsolationLife


Day one of our 12 monthly EOD licensing Exercise (Ex Southern Shield 1-20). Lots of learning and valuable experience for the team. #CPD #eodskills

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