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Consultancy & Risk Mitigation


The provision of specialist knowledge and expertise can be a crucial aspect of success in any project. Our specialists are able to provide documentary, desktop and on scene expert support via a range of deliverables.



These include:



By utilising their specialist knowledge and experience in EOD, Ramora UK Explosive Officers are equipped to provide a unique insight to potential UXO risk in an area, along with measures that can be taken to mitigate these risks and ensure a safe working environment during ground works on a site.


Ramora UK can supply an EOC Engineer to oversee ground excavation and provide daily safety briefings and UXO recognition advice. If the risk of UXO is likely, Ramora UK’s EOC Engineers are appropriately qualified and experienced to provide supervision of trenching or bulk excavations. Alongside constant supervision of the site, our EOC Engineers can also advise the client on UXO related issues and lead on the necessary action in the event of a UXO discovery.


Our highly experienced client representatives can ensure any UXO or explosive hazard based project is being managed safely, in accordance with best practice/legislative guidelines and minimise lost project time due to poor advice, impact of poor supplier management or inappropriate safety protocols.


Through our 24/7 Control Room, Ramora UK can provide expert advice on explosive whenever it is required. Our Control Room gives you access to a senior Explosive Officer who can offer advice on any potential item of UXO uncovered, or explosive item on site. This includes identification of the item and inherent risks, actions that should be taken to ensure safety on site and advice on the next steps to take. Further information on our Control Room can be found on our Emergency Response Page.



Our EOC Engineers are available to provide a hands on safety brief at the start of a project or following a personnel change on site, to ensure everyone is correctly informed and what immediate actions should be instigated should the threat of UXO arise.


Due to our understanding of current legislation and ongoing liaison with the UK licensing authorities (the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Trading Standards and Police), Ramora UK are in a prime position to aid in the assessment of explosive stores and locations as well as the licence application itself. Our Explosive Officers can assess a site, provide an appropriate explosive store based on desired location and use and liaise with relevant licensing authorities to ensure that a site is licensed both legally and safely for the storage of explosive items.


Ramora UK are also able to compile applications for the disposal and relocation of maritime UXO on offshore Renewables and Oil and Gas sites. Through our experience and relationships with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), we are able to compile all necessary documentation and measures to ensure that a licence is issued quickly and efficiently.

For any additional information regarding our Consultancy & Risk Mitigation services, please contact our sales team on 08454 608 911, option 1.

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